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We Enjoyed Exploring The Umbrian Hills With You!

Highlights from October’s Spotlight on Italy: Umbria

Perugia, Umbria, Italy

In October, we chose the off-the-beaten path region of Umbria as the focus of our “Spotlight On Italy” monthly series. We enjoyed sharing some of our favorite secrets of this unique region with you and hope you were inspired to visit this less travelled part of Italy.

Some of the secrets we shared that got the best response from our followers include the highlights below.

Castelluccio Flower Fields, Italy

Castelluccio Wildflower Fields, Italy

Wildflower Fields of Castelluccio

This wonder of nature was by far the most popular highlight of the month. Local farmers grow lentils in the fields surrounding the village of Castelluccio. As they do not use pesticides, wildflowers grow alongside the lentils creating beautiful carpets of color from the end of May through July. This beautiful show is brought to you by poppies, cornflowers, daisies, wild mustard and orchids that combine to create a breathtaking sight.

We fully agree with this favorite!

Lisa of Tis Travels Reporting from Umbria!

A Tasty Experience!

No one will be surprised to learn the EuroChocolate Festival held annually in the city of Perugia was a favorite of many. Where else can you find a chocolate version of the Colosseum? Take that all you chocolate Easter bunnies.

If you missed my report from Perugia, click here or on the video above to learn more about the city’s very own chocolates, the famous “Baci” which of course means kisses.

Nun Relais Assisi, Room 10, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Nun Relais Assisi, Room 10, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Luxury With An In-Room Museum Experience

With so many amazing resorts around Italy, it is difficult to provide a truly unique experience. However the Nun Assisi Relais and Spa Museum has managed to do just that.

Located just above the town of Assisi, the resort’s Privilege Suite n10 provides a luxury accommodation with an added touch. An original fresco dating from 1612 is inside your room for your own private viewing. You don’t need a special early access ticket. You don’t need a well-connected guide. Just wake up whenever you want and the fresco will be waiting for you and you alone.

If the museum-quality fresco is not enough, the room also has a beautiful view of the garden. 🙂

Linguine Bolognese from Bologna, Italy

We Interrupt Your Regular Programming…

During October, a most magical day happens that doesn’t belong to Umbria…National Pasta Day! We decided to take a different kind of step off-the-beaten path and make it National Pasta Week. I was happy to share some of my tastiest pasta based meals, from seafood pastas, to hearty meat sauce pastas to simple pastas with sumptuous sauces like pesto and marinara.

Many of you liked the simple bolognese sauce I had in Bologna. Trust me there was nothing simple about it. Italians do basic dishes in spectacular fashion. They make you feel like a Michelin-starred chef surely had a hand in creating them and my bolognese was no different.

Pottery from Deruta, Umbria, Italy

An Ideal Local Souvenir

Many travelers love to find authentic souvenirs of their trip. Skip the fridge magnets. Give a pass to the shot glasses. Nothing is more Italian than the beautiful pottery you can find all over the country. Most of this pottery comes from the Umbrian town of Deruta and the surrounding area.

Take a trip to this small village and visit the Regional Museum of Ceramics to learn more about the history of pottery in the area. After that, take a stroll through the quaint town, popping in and out of the local artisan’s shops to pick out your souvenir. The quality of the pieces make you feel like you are wandering around a world class museum. However the prices don’t make these treasured pieces out of the reach of most budgets.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at to start planning your escape to the Umbrian hills!

Thanks to all who joined us on this journey through one of my favorite regions of Italy!

Have you been tempted by the treasures of Umbria? What are you waiting for? Contact us at to start planning your escape to this region on the road less travelled!

Buon viaggio! Lisa

Ways to Continue the Italian Journey

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