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Favorite Experiences From Italy’s Piedmont Region!

Highlights from Tis Travel’s November Spotlight on Italy: Piedmont

We enjoyed sharing the many interesting treasures of Italy’s Piedmont region with you during the month of November. Thanks for your comments, feedback and interest in this amazing region. A few of the most popular highlights are below.

Eataly — Italian Superstores

Many of you are familiar with the Italian superstores, known as Eataly. However, many of you were surprised to learn the idea came from humble beginnings. The original Eataly was a simple grocery store in Turin with an ambition to be a local center to shop for and learn about Italian food.

Mission accomplished!

Truffle Concierge at Casa di Langa

Many of our readers love a good truffle dish and some have even been on an authentic truffle hunt. However, no one had experienced the luxury of having a truffle concierge like the one at five-star luxury hotel Casa di Langa. To add to that experience, this grand hotel is eco-friendly!

What more could you ask for in a luxury hotel?

Isola San Giulio

Many of you are huge fans, and deservedly so, of Lake Como. However, the tiny island of Isola San Giulio in Lake Orta was highly appealing to many of you for its idyllic setting and exclusive feel. Lake Orta is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the lakeside location with far fewer tourists than nearby Lake Como.

Are you ready to step off the beaten path in Lake Orta?

A Coffee Pot and a Work of Art

Some of you regularly make your espresso at home with a Moka pot, which was created in the Piedmont region by Alfonso Bialetti. However no one knew you can see this popular machine on display at some of the world’s best design museums, including the MOMA in New York City and London’s Design Museum. While it looks simple, the design is truly revolutionary.

How many of your make your espresso with this work of art?

Wine and Truffles

The Piedmont region is full of white and black truffles and seriously good wines. What is there to say really? A nice glass of Barolo and a truffle pasta dish for dinner? Now THAT is living!

Thanks to all who joined us as we explored all the Piedmont region has to offer.

Have you been tempted by the treasures of Piedmont? What are you waiting for? Contact us at to start planning your escape to this region on the road less travelled!

Buon viaggio! Lisa

Lisa Tisdale, President, Tis Travels Italy Specialist

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