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Open for Travel: Intriguing Iceland!

Open for Travel:  Iceland!

Iceland is open for business and welcoming fully vaccinated persons or those who previously had a Covid infection. Aside from the appeal of being one of the first countries to open to travelers, Iceland has long been a highly appealing destination and one of my top recommendations. Outside of its geysers, glaciers, lava fields mountain-ringed fjords, and diverse wildlife (sea parrots anyone?), there are so many adventures to be had. Read on and tell me you aren’t ready to book a flight!

Fun Facts about Iceland!

Land of the Midnight Sun!

Experience days with 24-hour sunlight. And you thought New York City was the city that never sleeps. Don’t worry though. You can experience this nonstop daylight and still get some shuteye as Icelanders are well-stocked on room darkening shades.

Continent Hopping!

Part of Iceland is on the North American tectonic plate with the other part on the Eurasian plate. You can “continent hop” the two by visiting the “Bridge between Continents” which allows you to safely cross the fissure that separates them. The bridge is located on Reykjanes Peninsula just west of Reykjavik and very close to the Blue Lagoon…

The Blue Lagoon!

In all of my travels, of which there have been many, one of the most surreal and completely wonderful experiences I have ever had was floating in the Blue Lagoon. It is impossible to describe so just go and see for yourself. You will be able to hire a masseuse that will help you leave your pandemic cares behind while floating on a blanket in the warm waters of the lagoon… Pandemic? What pandemic?

Float Your Cares Away in the Blue Lagoon!


All travelers are welcome to visit Iceland but you MUST show either:

  1. a certificate of full vaccination against COVID. Approved certificates are listed on the official Directorate of Health page.

  2. a certificate of previous COVID infection. Approved certificates are listed on the official Directorate of Health page.

You will be required to take a free COVID test when entering the country. Testing requirements will be re-evaluated June 1.

What True Love Looks Like in Iceland

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