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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 88: An Unremarkable End to A Remarkable Trip

On Day 88, I said goodbye to Italy…for now…

Last view of Italy…for now

Finally, my last day of this trip was here. 

I got up this morning, dreading the bus trip to Rovinj, Croatia. If you are not familiar with Croatia, it is quite beautiful and Rovinj is supposed to be one of the best spots to enjoy its coastline and culture. The fact that I was dreading such an idyllic place is indicative of how much I love and would miss Italy.

One Last Pizza…

This morning after packing up and leaving my bags at the aparthotel, I headed out for my Covid test and to mail some postcards. Afterward, I decided to try the other top rated pizzeria in Trieste for lunch. Since Ristorante Bianco’s pizza had failed to live up to its top rating, surely Di Napoli would not disappoint. 

Di Napoli was not busy and I had my choice of tables. I ordered my usual Diavola and looked around at the photos on the wall as I waited. There were many professional photos of the pizzaiolo making what were the top-rated pizzas in Trieste as well as some of the finished product. These lovely photos gave me hope that I was going to get a good pizza and I was excited to end this trip on a high note.

Finally, my pizza arrived. Sadly, this pizza was as unremarkable as the one at Bianco. Maybe my standards were simply too high after eating so much pizza perfection in Naples.

An Unremarkable Departure

After eating, I stopped for a drink by the canal, postponing the inevitable. After enjoying my last few moments savoring all the memories from the past three months, I reluctantly headed back to my aparthotel. I collected my bags and headed to the bus stop.

While bus stops are rarely anything special, this one seemed particularly depressing. The one caffè/bar that sold sandwiches, snacks, and drinks looked like a depressing sports betting place with a couple of video poker machines.

I grabbed some bags of chips to sustain me on the bus ride as I did not trust the sandwiches. I was the only person waiting as the bus pulled into the station. It only stopped long enough for the bus driver to jump out, throw my bag underneath,  and check my ticket. Within moments, I was in my seat and we were headed out of town. As Trieste is on the border with Slovenia, it was not long until we were out of Italy. 

A Remarkable Trip

While my departure from Italy was unremarkable, reminding me of the last episode of Seinfeld, it did not resemble my trip. This has been one of the best times of my life. I will not soon forget any of my moments here. I enjoyed the highs and the lows I experienced in this beautiful country. I am grateful that I was able to improve my knowledge of the language, visit regions I had not previously explored, and of course, indulge in the amazing wine and food.

It is not goodbye, Italy. It is simply goodbye for now…

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