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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 85: Preparing to Say Farewell…For Now

On Day 85, I headed north to Trieste where I will bid Italy farewell for now.

Piazza Unita d’Italia, Trieste Italy

This morning, I dressed quickly, finished packing, and headed to the train station. I did not want to linger in my new favorite Italian city as it would just make me sadder than I already was.

Leaving Naples

My train for Trieste left a little after 11 am from Naples Central Station. When I arrived at the station, an alarm was ringing loudly, telling everyone to leave quickly and orderly. Despite the warnings, everyone was carrying on as if they did not hear it. So I did the same, hoping the place was not about to burn down or be overtaken by terrorists.

Before boarding the train, I grabbed a quick bite and some takeaway food. I wasn’t going to arrive in Trieste until almost 7 pm with only a small window to change trains in Venice.

As the train pulled out of Naples, I enjoyed the view of Mt. Vesuvius from my south-facing window seat. As we made our way north, the train stopped for a few minutes in both Rome and Florence. I had to fight the urge to get off the train as I love both of these beautiful cities.

Preparing to Say Goodbye

As the fast train sped north, I alternated between working and watching the countryside change. I was getting some work done until we passed through Umbria and Tuscany. The rolling hills dotted with medieval villages is just too beautiful of a distraction to resist.

Thankfully, the train ride was pretty quiet and no one ever sat next to me or near me. I was feeling uneasy about my last few days in Trieste and wanted to be alone. I loved my time in Trieste back in September, but this was going to be different. After a few nights there, I was going to have to leave my beloved Italy. I have explored this lovely country slowly from the north to the south. I had been lucky to spend three months slowly making my way south, soaking up all this country has to offer. Friendly people, beautiful scenery, world-class museums, and of course, delicious food. Today it was all going to speed by my window in seven hours.

Linguine Puttanesca, Ristorante Bianco, Trieste Italy

Ups and Downs and a Nightcap

After arriving in Trieste and checking into my aparthotel, I headed to Ristorante Bianco for what had been one of my favorite pastas of the trip. Luckily, I got a table as it was Friday night and this is a popular spot. The linguine puttanesca was just as I remembered, filled with tasty kalamata olives, salty capers, and a rich red sauce. It was heavenly.

Next, I headed to check out a pub that had been closed for vacation when I was here before. I was hoping to find a spot for watching this weekend’s football matches. I sat at the bar and ordered a Guinness. As I looked around, I realized there were absolutely no TVs in the bar. I continue to be amazed and disappointed at my beloved Italy’s disrespect for the sport they excel in and I love to watch.

Local White Wine in Trieste, Italy

After finishing my Guinness, I headed for one of my favorite wine bars. While I am usually a red wine drinker, I grew very fond of the whites from this region. I ordered a glass, sat outside, and enjoyed a little people watching. The same waiter that was working in the fall, was working tonight. He and I chatted about my trip since I last saw him. He hopes to come to NYC so I told him I’d be happy to give him any tips if he needed help. He followed me on Instagram as I guess that is what the cool kids do these days and said he would reach out as he made his plans.

I finished my wine and headed back to my aparthotel, reflecting on my time in Italy.

This was going to be a sad goodbye.

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