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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 83: Late Night in Naples!

Day 83 involved a college-level party night in Naples!

View of Mt. Vesuvius from Apartment in Piazza Bellini Naples, Italy

On Day 83, Sarah that I met back in Lecce was going to be in Naples for a night to catch her flight back to England. As it was her last night and my time in Italy was running out, we decided to blow it out. Well actually, this wasn’t a conscious choice. It just happened.

First Stop: My Favorite Caffè

After spending the afternoon in the phenomenal National Archaeological Museum of Naples, I headed to Bar Settebello, my favorite caffè in Naples. Sarah was meeting me there. I arrived first and settled in at my favorite table where I could see both the two street views and all the tables inside. It was the best people-watching spot.

Sarah arrived and commented that she actually liked my choice of “old man bars”. She liked to mock me for my love of these prime people-watching spots but this one got her seal of approval. This was to be the foundation for a college-level party night in Naples.

Second Stop: Sipping Wine on Piazza Dante

The next stop was a drink outside on Piazza Dante, one of Sarah’s favorite squares and one I had not yet visited. The evening was getting cold but we braved it out for one drink before hitting a nearby restaurant. We weren’t too careful with our choice, just wanting something nearby. We were pleasantly surprised by the tasty seafood pasta which we enjoyed, despite the surly waiter.

Third Stop: A Nightcap at O’ Barrett

Next stop? One of my favorite spots for a nightcap, O’ Barrett. This bar is a local’s spot but the staff is friendly and welcomes the stray tourist. This would have been a great plan if only this had been the last stop.

View of Mt. Vesuvius from Apartment in Piazza Bellini Naples, Italy

Fourth Stop: Bodega Beers with a Vesuvius View

Next, we could not resist a drink on Sarah’s balcony which had a fabulous view of Vesuvius and Piazza Bellini below. We grabbed a couple of beers from the bodega next to her hotel and headed up to the balcony. Unfortunately, it was nighttime so Vesuvius was just a shadow in the distance. However, we had fun toasting our amazing Italian adventures and our new friendship.

We looked down on Piazza Bellini below which was quite lively. So we decided to head back down and join the late-night festivities. At this point, we were not making the best of decisions. Or maybe we were!

Fifth Stop: Final Nightcap with Keanu Reeves

As we looked for our next stop, Sarah recalled passing a bar nearby with a Keanu Reeves lookalike for a bartender several times during her first stay here in Naples. We peeked in bars until we found Keanu at work. This was the blurry part of the evening, but I do recall many laughs, mini bags of chips, and a sudden revelation that I needed to go home.

We said our goodbyes and I headed back toward my apartment in the Spanish Quarter. It had been a fun way to say goodbye to Sarah and a great night on the town in one of my new favorite Italian cities!

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