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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 80: The Sorbillo Experience

On Day 80, I began my tour of Naples’s famous pizzerias with the “Sorbillo Experience”.

Half Margherita and Half Tuna Pizza at Sorbillo’s in Naples Italy

Today I was heading to Sorbillo’s for the famous “Sorbillo Experience”. It was time to try my first of several Neapolitan pizzas. What better place than Gino e Toto Sorbillo, possibly the most famous pizzeria in Naples. While I had met some of the Sorbillo family at pizza festivals in NYC, I had yet to try their creations.

Lisa and Gennaro at Sorbillo’s

Skip the Line Pass

Usually, the full “Sorbillo Experience”, includes an hour wait for a table. As luck would have it, my new friend Luciano, is a friend of Gino Sorbillo, head pizzaiolo at Sorbillo. Luciano has even successfully made pizza for Gino before, which I think takes some courage. Luciano made a call so all I had to do was give my name at the door and bypass the wait for a table.

As luck would have it, Luciano is also friends with Gennaro, the head waiter. Gennaro greeted me and we discussed Luciano’s recommendations for what pizzas I should try. Gennaro said it would be no problem to make a pizza with half margarita and half tuna, the top two recommendations from Luciano.

Meeting the Boss

While I was waiting for my pizza, Gennaro came and collected me, saying we were going to Gino’s office. I followed him out of the restaurant and a couple of doors down. We climbed the steps to the top floor where Gino’s office was located. Gino greeted me, welcoming me into his office and we began to chat.

I unsuccessfully tried to tell him in my imperfect Italian that I had met some of the Sorbillo family in New York City during the NY Pizza Festival. He thought I was asking when the Pizza Festival was happening again or about his restaurant in NYC. Finally, I gave up and headed back downstairs with Gennaro who was waiting outside.

A Taste of Pizza Heaven

Back at my table, I waited for my pizza while watching the activity. Some people truly seemed to just be checking this experience off the list. They did not seem to realize how good the pizza they were eating was. And it was good. Really good. The sauce, the crust, the cheese, and the toppings were all excellent.

After finishing the entire pizza, I thanked Gennaro who refused to let me pay. After such a great experience at Sorbillo’s, I could not wait to try more of what the Neapolitan pizzaioli had to offer!

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