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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 71: Enjoying a Simple Day

Today was all about enjoying a simple day in Lecce.

Bishop’s Chapel Apartment in Lecce, Italy

Today I woke up in Lecce in my lovely apartment that used to be a bishop’s chapel. It is an absolutely beautiful space! The colors the owner used to decorate it are warm making it a cozy spot during the day and a perfect sleeping cave for a weary traveler. However, the headboard on the bed has a lovely chapel-appropriate image with angels which does not seem completely appropriate for its current resident.

Settling In

Having just arrived late yesterday afternoon, I could not wait to get settled into my apartment and enjoy a “slow day” in my new town. It was Saturday, and the Manchester Derby (Manchester City vs. Manchester United) was coming on at 12:30 pm. I decided to do a little grocery shopping before the big football match.

Usually, in a big city like Lecce, this is an easy task as there are many supermarkets nearby. They may not all be massive, but they have the basics. 

Not in Lecce. I had to trek to the other side of the old town to the market. At first, I thought this would be a good way to better orient myself to my new city. However, upon arriving, I discovered the market was not a place I’d feel comfortable eating anything from unless it was tightly packaged directly from the supplier. I decided to go to a bodega and pay premium prices to get the necessities.

Rush on the Bodega

The little bodega near me was fairly empty when I arrived. As luck would have it, everyone descended on the one worker behind the counter as soon as I tried to checkout. Unknown to me, the worker at the bodega who checks you out and handles your money also cuts the prosciutto for you and gives you your chosen cheeses. Even in times that are not covid filled, I will opt for items from a butcher or tightly pre-wrapped choices as opposed to sourcing them from the guy handling money at the bodega cash register. 

Enjoying A Slow Day

When I finally arrived back at the apartment, I put away my groceries and finished unpacking my clothes. Then I headed straight for the sofa with a cup of hot tea in my little bishop’s chapel apartment. Tomorrow, I’d tackle the city and begin to learn its secrets. Today, I was ready for a lazy afternoon watching football and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. 


Ciao for now!

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