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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 48: What Happens When a Boiler Loses Its Life Partner

Love....between a boiler and a washer

Lost Love….between a Boiler and a Washer

Lisa of Tis Travels is on a three-month journey through Italy, exploring, eating, and living like an Italian. Follow along on “Tis Travels” on Facebook and Instagram!

On Day 48, I was winding down a lovely evening, journaling at my table in the window with a glass of wine. I was enjoying the view of the piazza as the restaurants closed for the night and everything became peaceful. The technicians had come and installed the new washer earlier and my last batch of clothes was almost done. Everything would once again be clean. 

What Happens When a Boiler Loses Its Love

Suddenly, I noticed an unusual sound coming from the back where the new washer was working away. I headed to see what was happening. Sadly, the boiler must have missed the washer terribly so it had passed on. As its soul went to join the washer in appliance heaven, its earthly body was now spewing rivers of water everywhere.

Over the next two hours, I rotated between dumping buckets of water into the shower and trying to get someone on the phone to come to plug the geyser. I thought to myself, “Well I did say I wanted to have many new and different experiences during my time here!”

When I finally got someone from the management company to respond, the advice included shutting the water off and going back to bed as it was the middle of the night. No technician could come until tomorrow. I explained that if I did go to bed, it would be in a hotel. Additionally, I mentioned that she may want to come up with a Plan B for when the water reached the apartments below and the neighbors started calling. 

Trying to Mend a Broken Heart

Plan B it is! Finally, the owner arrived. After several unsuccessful attempts to shut the water off in the apartment, he went downstairs and stopped the geyser. As he left my apartment door wide open, I assumed he was coming back at some point with the technician that was supposed to be on the way. That never happened.

After a while, I shut and locked the door. Rationing what was left of the water, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then I hurried to get into bed as the temperature in the apartment dropped.

The next morning, I bundled up and used the last of the water to make some hot tea. Finally, around noon, the owner arrived with the technician. The owner presented me with a gift from his gallery, which unfortunately I did not fully appreciate in the moment, casting it aside as he tried to explain its value. I was focused on a work deadline I was in danger of missing and getting the basics, like water and heat.

Later as I explained the events of the evening to my witty business partner, he said “Unless the gift of art was Van Gogh’s severed ear that you could use to shut the broker water valve off, art is not helpful in this situation.” Now that made me laugh.

One must make the best of these situations. After all, my situation was temporary. I am fortunate that my permanent home is not outside on the cold streets.

Ciao for now!

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