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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 44: The Different Faces of Lucca

Party Crowd on Piazza San Michele, Lucca Italy

Party Crowd on Piazza San Michele, Lucca Italy

Lisa of Tis Travels is on a three-month journey through Italy, exploring, eating, and living like an Italian. Follow along on “Tis Travels” on Facebook and Instagram!

Friday night, I was heading home around 10:30 pm, planning to have a nightcap somewhere near my apartment. I stopped in a little wine bar with mostly outside seating and was pleased to grab one of the two tables inside. It was a crisp, fall evening and I was happy for some warmth. Besides me, there were only a few other people there. It looked like Lucca was closing down for the night.

The owner welcomed me and brought me a glass of wine. I went to work on my journaling.

After a while, I realized I had been so focused on my work, I did not notice what was happening around me. To my surprise, the tables outside were standing room only! To set the scene so you understand my shock, 12 years ago I was in Lucca and in the correct age group to appreciate a late-night start. However, try as I may, I could never find anything that stayed open past 11 pm.

What happened to the sleepy Lucca I first met in 2009? Tonight it was party central!

It wasn’t like these people were in my demographic as most of my age group were probably fast asleep or having some scheduled weekend sex.

There was one notable exception in the crowd. A man, older than me, was flirting with a younger woman. Things seemed to be going well when another woman, who seemed to be his wife/girlfriend by the way they interacted, entered the mix. As I was waiting for fireworks, they all started chatting amicably. Immediately, my mind started down the path of what the evening might hold for the three of them so I shut that train of thought down and asked for my check. 

Late Night Lisa in Lucca, Italy!

Late Night Lisa in Lucca, Italy!

The curious traveler side of me that always loves learning what makes a city tick, was completely intrigued. I wanted to see more of what was going on in the formerly sleepy Lucca on a wild Friday night.

The next couple of hours, I wandered around late-night Lucca, seeing an entirely different side of it. My first stop was the neighborhood that seemed to be the place for people closer to my age group. When I was there earlier, it was a bit quiet. I assumed, incorrectly, that it was closing down for the night. Not true! Now, the tables were full of the folks that were now too old to stand that long on the piazza.

After hanging with my demographic for a bit, I headed back toward my home base. While I had enjoyed seeing a more exciting side of Lucca, it was time for this old girl to go home and recharge the batteries…

Ciao for now!

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