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Tis Returns to Italy! Day 37: Saying Goodbye to Genova

Genova Piazza de Ferrari Fountain and Lady Walking


Lisa of Tis Travels is on a three-month journey through Italy, exploring, eating, and living like an Italian. Follow along on “Tis Travels” on Facebook and Instagram!

If you have been following along with my journey, you will already be aware of how completely in love I fell with Genova. While one can simulate living like a local, it is very difficult to truly replicate local life if you don’t make the commitment to move to a place for an extended time.

However, in Genova, I believe I came as close as you can…

Things I will miss the most about Genova?

  1. Walking down the “shopping street” a block from my apartment. No, not that kind of shopping street. The one lined with a fishmonger, butcher, fruit and vegetable vendor, an old school bar selling espresso and drinks, and my favorite, the locksmith whose walls are lined with old skeleton keys in case you lose the key to your apartment.

  2. Eating from one of the takeaway spots for lunch at the “fast food” corner. For the same price as a meal at McDonald’s, you can get a lunch made of high quality ingredients. Choose from seafood, burritos, burgers, or my personal favorite, roast beef.

  3. Being walking distance to a stadium that draws exciting Serie A teams to play Genova’s two local teams for which most locals have a fierce loyalty to one. And yes, the two teams share the same stadium (why would you need two stadiums?) and it works seamlessly.

  4. Walking to the end of my street, hopping on the #42 bus and being in beautiful Boccadasse. I loved having a drink at sunset by the sea after a long day of work and then grabbing a cone of seafood at my favorite spot and watching the football match.

Boccadasse, Genova

  1. Wandering the empty arcades at night and sometimes hearing opera nearby and sometimes hearing silence, both equally beautiful.

  2. Taking a seat at Bar delle Vigne and watching the hookers go about their business two blocks down while the bar’s patrons are enjoying aperitivo hour (happy hour). Everyone just seamlessly co-exists.

  3. Lo Scorretto, my local watering hole. The name means ‘The Incorrect”, so of course I was drawn to it long before noticing the name. I easily got to know the regular cast of characters,  all friendly and welcoming. On my last night there, I was sharing a table with three of them while keeping an eye on the football game. Maura rolled her eyes as she said “Sempre guardi la partita!” or “You are always watching the game!”. Mario didn’t say much as per usual but observed it all as he drank his one big Moretti and left. Gianni, upon learning I was at the same level table when two regulars argued the night before promised to always protect me, so not to worry.  

  4. Nonna. I may miss Nonna most of all. Nonna lives across the hall from my apartment in Genova. There were hugs as I left, promising to return one day. I left her the flower that I bought for my apartment that brought me smiles during my time in Genova as did she.

Genova, we say goodbye for now. I will return…

Ciao for now!

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