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Open for Travel: Vibrant and Passionate Spain

Flamenco Dancer


Spain is open for travel!!!

I love Spain. There is just something about Spain that gets into your blood and makes you want to live life as the Spanish do. They have a joy for life. It is not a passive, sit around and watch the world go by kind of joy. Rather, it is a get in there and be a part of it kind of joy.

These passionate people with their vibrant lifestyle are ready to welcome you back! What are the requirements for getting into Spain now? We’ll get to that later. After you read on you will be ready to overcome major obstacles to get yourself to Spain. Spoiler alert? It is not hard at all!

The Best Experiences in Spain


When in Spain, you must go and see a flamenco show. Lose yourself in the music as you watch the dancers move their bodies effortlessly to the rhythm of the music coming from the guitar. You might even find yourself moving along with them as you watch. But don’t stop there. Take a lesson. You probably won’t master the moves but just to have a taste of what it feels like to do that soulful dance is worth the effort.

Alhambra on the Hill

Alhambra on the Hill

The Alhambra

To me, the joy of wandering among the exquisite beauty of this World Heritage site is only rivaled by the haunting grace of the unfinished chapels of the Batalha Monastery in Portugal. Neither is something words can describe. You must experience it for yourself. The Alhambra lies waiting for you atop a hill above the city of Granada. Leave yourself plenty of time to wander the grounds and imagine what it was like coming home to this magical place every night.

Granada, Spain - Side Street

Granada, Spain – Side Street


Everyone goes to Seville and Toledo which are deserving of a visit (don’t miss the Toledo Cathedral!). However, I highly recommend the alluring old town of Granada. Granada is a large enough city that you will have plenty of comfortable hotels to choose from in the new part of the city. So check-in, drop your bags and head out to explore the old town. Spend hours wandering the medieval streets and losing yourself in the beauty of it all. Roam until you are ready for a tapas break…

Tasty Tapas Everywhere!

Who doesn’t love tapas? Those little bites of deliciousness are always enticing. In Spain, especially Granada, you cannot get away from tapas, and who would want to really? In the late afternoon and evening hours, you are very likely to get force-fed free tapas with your afternoon tipple or evening nightcap by the enthusiastic bar owners. Just eat anything they put in front of you. It’s all heavenly.

Side Streets of Madrid, Spain

Side Streets of Madrid, Spain


To many, Madrid is the Milan of Spain, just a place to spend a night and catch your flight. I STRONGLY disagree. The thing about both Madrid and Milan is they hold many hidden gems but they make you work for it. Everything is not neatly laid out in the old town or a stop on the hop on and off bus. The hidden gems are there to discover and they are not so hidden. So spend some time in this wonderful city and let it introduce itself to you.

Tis Travels Tip: Don’t miss the tiny tapas bar, La Casa del Abuelo. One of my favorites!

So how do I get there?

Ready to go? I knew you would be!

Effective June 7, 2021, vaccinated U.S. citizens and their minor children can travel from the United States to Spain if they present the following upon arrival:

  1. QR code generated through the Spain Travel Health portal, obtained through the website or by downloading the SpTH app in Google Play or App Store for each traveler

  2. Vaccination certificate showing you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 more than 14 days before the flight to Spain (up to one year after the date of vaccination) with one of the European Medicines Agency-approved vaccines or the WHO-approved vaccines

Visit the Spain Travel Health portal for more information.

Why are you still reading? You should be packing your bags!!

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