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Open for Travel: Exciting Europe!

Aveiro, Portugal

Europe is opening for travel and waiting to welcome you back! European countries tempt travelers to explore their diversity, making the decision of where to start incredibly difficult! I’ve recently written about the charms of Iceland, Greece and Spain, including entry requirements (at time of publication). Next, I’ll entice you with a few more of my European favorites. Let your mind wander to sandy beaches with rocky shores and hidden coves, fairytale castles that seem one with the skies above, and quaint villages that tempt you to explore their treasures while the locals go about their daily lives seemingly not noticing you.

Read on and take the journey with me…

Praia De São Rafael

Sublime Portugal

My love for Portugal began at first sight. It’s a country that holds many charms but almost seems not to know…

Explore Portugal unencumbered as the locals go about their daily lives as if you were not even there. These humble citizens live amongst many interesting treasures. Hop aboard Tram 28 that effortlessly winds its way up and down the hills of Lisbon, proudly introducing you to the many neighborhoods of the city. Visit colorful Pena Palace, a fascinating castle that belongs more to the skies above than the mountain on which it sits. Immerse yourself in the Monastery of Batalha with its hauntingly beautiful unfinished chapels or “Capelas Imperfeitas“ that seem to connect you directly with the heavens above. Soak up the sun on sandy beaches with fellow sun-seekers or find a hidden cove along the rocky coastline where you can take in the beauty in solitude.

Current entry requirements: Negative test and completed Passenger Locator Form (filled out after boarding).

Lavender Fields, France

Fanciful France

France brings up many evocative images of a country rich in culture, history, food and beauty. Pass the days in lovely villages as well as picturesque chateaus in the countryside. Start with a trip to the top of Paris to take in this breathtakingly beautiful city from the iconic Eiffel Tower. Drive aimlessly through Provence, admiring the endless lavender fields and not really caring where you end up as it’s all wonderful. Stand on the beaches of Normandy, heavy with the magnitude of the moments that happened here. Walk in the paths of the Impressionist painters, who could not possibly fathom how their work would inspire audiences worldwide. Dwell on all you’ve experienced as you sip on vintages that have been satisfying wine lovers since the 6th century BC.

Current entry requirements: Proof of vaccine or a negative test.

Johnstown Castle, Ireland

Emerald Ireland

Pack your bags for the Emerald Isle! Thoughts of Ireland evoke images of breathtaking fields of green as far as the eye can sea, quant villages full of friendly locals and some of the best pints of its homegrown nectar, Guinness. Explore castles that exude a rich history. Visit colorful villages where you will likely make several new friends without much effort. Grab an order of the best fish and chips you’ll ever have at Leo Burdock’s and dine in the gardens of nearby Christ Church Cathedral. Stand and admire the vast beauty of the sea perched high atop the Cliffs of Moher. Drive through the emerald countryside where a traffic jam is comprised of sheep and cows. Finally, reflect on all the fun you have had in a traditional pub with the world’s best pint of Guinness.

Current entry requirements (as of July 19): Negative test.

The only question left is, where are you going to go first?

Pont Alexandre III Bridge, Paris

Monastery of Batalha Capelas Imperfeitas, Portugal

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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