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It’s Time to Return to the Land I Love, Italy

While I did not make it to Italy as planned in 2020, I finally have a trip on the horizon to the land I love… Five weeks from today, I will land in Milan and begin a three-month journey through Italy, the beautiful country that has ignited my insatiable desire to explore its every corner.

My pace will largely be slow, allowing me to really get to know the places I’ll be and the people who live there, while also working remotely.

I have explored so much of Italy that it is impossible not to return to some of the same spots. These places have charmed me so that to make this special trip and not spend time in them would be like visiting my hometown and not seeing my family. A combination of saying hello to places I’ve loved for years, as well as getting to know new areas I know I’ll love just as much seems an idyllic mix.

As I visit old loves and get to know new ones, I look forward to writing about my experiences and sharing them with you. My hope is to inspire travelers to make either their first or fifth trip to this endlessly endearing country. I simply love everything about Italy: the food, the people, the tiny villages, the big cities, the countryside…

I welcome you to follow along with me as I finally return to Italy. As always, it’s going to be life-changing!!

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