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Announcing the Tis Travels “Spotlight on Italy” Series!

TIs Travels "Spotlight on Italy" Series

We at Tis Travels are excited to announce our new “Spotlight on Italy” series!  Each month we will choose some specific part of Italy to highlight. This can be an entire region, a specific town or maybe even various pasta shapes. Anything goes! After much deliberation, we’ve made our choice for September. The photo above shows one of the towns in the area we will be highlighting this month. Can you guess what it is? Send us an email using the contact form below or jump on one of our social media channels to guess the destination. If no one guesses correctly by Wednesday morning, we will announce the identity of this idyllic location on our social channels tomorrow morning at 10am.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as our “Spotlight on Italy” series unfolds. You don’t want to miss a thing about all of the amazing parts of Italy!

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