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A Tale of Three Cities: My Lucca, Lecco, and Lecce Strategy…

When the world started to open up in May, I jumped at the chance to book a flight to my favorite place: Italy. My original plan of staying 6 weeks for my milestone 2020 birthday quickly turned into 90 days, the maximum allowed without a visa. Choosing how to spend my 90 days was an exciting challenge. What made that challenge more difficult is there is not a single place in Italy that I don’t want to visit!

Should I pick a few places or move around a lot? Should I only go to places I have never been or visit some old loves as well? I carefully planned a route that allowed for some “vacation time” while including weeks in the same location so I could focus on work but also have plenty of time to explore the area. The plan included a mix of places that fell into three buckets. I called it my “Lucca, Lecco, Lecce” strategy, the names of three towns I was going to on this trip.

Luccas are places I’ve been to before and am already in love with. Visiting Italy without seeing some of my old loves always seems like going to my hometown and not seeing family.

Leccos are places I’ve been before and are strong contenders to move into the “Lucca” category.

Lecces are places I’ve never been before giving the trip the excitement of exploring the unknown!

My route starts in the north of Italy, moves through the center, and ends all the way south, also called the “heel of the boot”. Most towns fall in the “Lecce” category but I feel like I have a good mix of all!

I just arrived in Italy so it is time to start exploring! My first stop is Bellagio, which is a “Lecco”. Bellagio is a beautiful location on Lake Como that I really enjoyed on my first visit 11 years ago. On this trip, I will be exploring more of the lake and the food in this picturesque area…

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