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Explore the Amalfi Coast, Florence and Rome in this 10-day trip itinerary. This journey will take you through the unmatched beauty of the Amalfi Coast as well as the extraordinary cities of Florence, and Rome. Explore Italy's rich history and as you visit the iconic Colosseum, wander the Renaissance streets of Florence and surround yourself with the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.


The itinerary includes everything a do-it-yourself traveler needs, including:

  • Hotel recommendations for budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in each city. 

  • Suggested activities for each day including recommendations for guided tours. 

  • Transfer information for trains and taxis.

  • Tis Travel's Favorites! Places we always go no matter how many times we've been to each city!  


What are you waiting for? Download our “Amalfi Coast, Florence and Rome” itinerary and get ready to take your next trip of a lifetime to this beautiful country.

Buon viaggio! 

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