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Third Week of a New Life

Updated: Apr 2

Reality sets in as challenges arise…

Challenges Arise in Lisbon…

As I get settled in my new city, I am in love with it more and more every day. However, there is the facebook version of a person’s life which is usually super positive, and the realities of daily life which few share. Here are a couple of my current daily realities.


Having successfully secured the daily necessities, I have moved onto what I call Tier 2 of my shopping needs. These are the not-so-easy to find items that, while not being “essential”, make life a bit better. Two things at the top of this list are a crockpot and a set of hair curlers or a curling iron. Having spotted a “superstore” (think mini-Walmart) at the big mall, I headed there to see what they had to offer.

As I dived into the aisles of the home appliances section, kitchen items were first. I was excited to see several small appliances, spotting one that looked like my crock pot! There was only one option but that would do! The price was comparable and the size was right. As I was about to grab one and head on to the hair section, I double-checked the description using common sense and google translate.

It was a rice steamer.

Sadly, I replaced the rice steamer on the shelf and glared annoyingly at the 10 options for air fryers. Moving on the hair section, I was greeted by several wand-like devices. Hooray! I might not get my hot rollers but I would be leaving here with a curling iron. No more random, flyaway hair!

Not so fast.

All but one of those devices was a hair STRAIGHTENER. I tried to recall if I’d noticed a lot of flat hair around Lisbon but it just did not stand out to me as a trend. The one option that was an actual curling iron cost a ridiculous price of 50 euros (53 dollars). I’d rather stick my finger in a light socket to spice up my look a little.

How do Grandma’s feet still work?

Lisbon is so charming! One of the most charming things about it is the pretty cobblestone streets and sidewalks. Outside of my neighborhood, the oldest one in Lisbon, they are well-designed and fairly flat and smooth. In my neighborhood, they just throw those random-sized stones in there any which way and call it a day. This leaves one to walk across a surface that is constantly sticking into some part of your foot.

Yes they are indeed pretty but someone has got to come up with a shoe that will allow me to walk on them without tearing my feet apart. I saw a Nike ad and will be looking into their new sneakers that look like they are designed with many soft pillows in the base. Until then, I am going to try strapping large bags of marshmallows to the bottom of each of my shoes.

The odd thing to me is I watch old ladies in the neighborhood who have probably lived here all their lives and they are wearing hard-soled dress shoes on any given day. I must find out their secret!

Despite the Challenges…

I love it here! My new favorite place is the little neighborhood joint that is on my way home. This lovely local gem is run by two brothers and their sister. They have a basic menu but they said they will cook anything I want for dinner if I just tell them the day before so they can go shopping. Yes please! There is one TV that they let me watch games on. It’s a popular spot with the locals and regulars who come from other neighborhoods. There is a steady stream of regulars that often pop in for a drink and a chat on their way home.

Icing on the cake? The place is called “York Burger” which always makes me miss my NYC neighborhood of “Yorkville”.

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