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Preparing to Leave Life in the Beco

Updated: Apr 8

First Class Tis (photo by author)

In week 46, I left NYC in style and headed back to Lisbon to prepare to leave my life in the beco. 

First Class Tis

Finally, it was time to say my goodbyes to NYC. I packed up and headed to my departure area, aka the local pub. I always fly back on Monday or Tuesdays so I catch the pub on one of James’s shifts. No one wants to have their last drink of the trip with the Prick. 

While I was checking into my flight I noticed my upgrade options. For a mere $599, I could get a cocoon in first class. Ever since I saw the scene in the movie “Last Holiday” where Queen Latifah has a meltdown while cramped in the main cabin and moves to a cocoon, it had been my dream to once again make it to first class. This month back in the States had been fun but tiring. James said in his cheeky tone, “Hit the button. You deserve it” Since it was required no handing over of caah money to hit that button, my weary self gave into temptation. 

After having a “farewell for now” drink with some good friends, I headed to catch the train to Newark. When they called us to board, I was in the front, one of the first to get in my seat, or better, cocoon. I enjoyed every moment, firing up a Harry Potter movie, eating and drinking everything they brought me, and sleeping a little before arriving. It was heaven. I cleared passport control at Lisbon airport with no line, a process that is usually a minimum of 45-minutes and was on my way back to the beco.

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Life in the Beco

As I reach the end of my first year in Portugal, I sadly must leave my beloved beco. My Incompetent Portuguese Slumlord and his henchman, aka real estate agent, have made mistakes with the contract where I could easily stay. However, it would mean another year of negativity, so I prefer to move on to the next chapter.

Every time I’ve said a sad goodbye to one home, it’s led me to wonderful new experiences with interesting new friends that teach me even more about this big, beautiful world we live in and subsequently myself. 

While I love the beautiful city of Lisbon and all the wonderful friends I’ve made, I am going to leave the city and head out on my next adventure. My plan is to stay in a different place in Portugal every month, except for the summer when short term rentals get expensive. Then I plan to explore the more off-the-beaten parts of the country which will be more economical not to mention a nice change of pace.

My first stop will be Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal. It’s a region I’ve never been to and is a popular summer destination. I’m going now so I can enjoy it when it is more peaceful. I love touristy seaside towns in the offseason when you and the locals have them to yourself. 

My Incompetent Portuguese Slumlord Freaks Out

For now, I am still here in the beco, a fact that makes my Incompetent Portuguese Slumlord absolutely maniacal. If I move out of the apartment, he can bring in a new tenant, not register the lease with the government, and make a lot more by not paying taxes. What a guy. 

Of course I would prefer to move on. However, since he still owes me almost 300 euros, I have been enjoying poking the Portuguese bear on a longshot that he will pay what he owes. I wrote him a long, legal looking email, outlining my rights under Portuguese law, asking for either a renewal of my lease or the money he owed me. This really freaked him out so he started sending his henchman by the apartment. 

The guy has desperately tried to deliver the notice of non-renewal, which is pointless at this time, but again, these clowns are incredibly incompetent. The henchman emailed, called, texted, all of which I ignored. I heard the buzzer one day and looked down to see the henchman at the door. Of course, I ignored him and he finally went away. 

Buzz all you want baby. You aren’t coming in because I changed the locks long ago.  I may be leaving but it is my beco now.

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