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An Exciting Month on Lake Como

Highlights from September’s Spotlight on Italy: Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy

In September, we chose Lake Como as the focus of our “Spotlight On Italy” monthly series. We enjoyed sharing some of our favorites with you and hope you were inspired to visit this beautiful part of Italy. Some of the things we shared that got the best response from our followers included the following.

Villa d'Este Room with a Lake View, Lake Como

Room with a View at Villa d’Este, Lake Como

Villa d’Este

This Lake Como highlight attracted the most attention across all of our social media channels. Many of our followers are excited about making a stay in this luxurious villa as part of their next vacation. We love it when luxury includes great character and Villa d’Este surely fits the bill.

As one visitor to Villa d’Este, Herb Caen said, “The precise location of heaven on earth has never been established but it may very well be right here.”

We agree with Herb.

Alessandro Martire’s Floating Piano, Lake Como, Italy

Alessandro Martire’s Floating Piano, Lake Como, Italy

Alessandro Martire’s Floating Piano

Local musician Alessandro Martire worked with local artisans to design a piano he could play anywhere, even floating on the lake. Many of you loved the idea of a commute by ferry on this beautiful lake with a floating piano player for entertainment.

Only in Lake Como.

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

Villa del Balbianello

While you cannot stay at Villa del Balbianello, many of you were excited at the possibility of visiting this beautiful place. This exquisite villa has been used as a filming location for Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and James Bond’s Casino Royale.

While we cannot promise a Daniel Craig sighting during your visit, surely the views from this lovely villa are worth the trip.

Como Lake Cocktail Week, Lake Como Italy

Como Lake Cocktail Week, Lake Como Italy

Como Lake Cocktail Week

It came as no surprise to us that many of you wanted the recipes for the cocktails in the photos we shared from a recent Como Lake Cocktail Week. The cocktails made during this event are designed by local bartenders who work in the region. They produce drinks that are works of art as well as delicious ways to sip something delicious while enjoying views of the lake.

There is only one winning cocktail every year but we think they are all worth a try. Why not time your visit to Lake Como around this one of kind event?

What are you waiting for? Contact us at to start planning your escape to the lake!

Buon viaggio! Lisa

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